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Captain America; Logo Patch  $7.00


Captain America; Hydra Logo Patch  $7.00


Captain America; SSR Logo Patch  $7.00


Captain America; SSR Logo Patch  (2 3/4" dia 4" span)  $8.00


Captain America; COMIC Hydra Logo Patch (3.5" dia)  $8.00


Captain America; Star Chest Patch (6")  $10.00


The Flash ;  Logo Patch (3.5" dia)  $8.00


Fantastic Four; Silver Surfer Logo Patch  $7.00


Superman 'S' logo chest Patch  (7"x9")  $16.00



Supermen of America 50's Logo Patch  $7.00


Superman Man of Steel Patch  $7.00


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