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28 Weeks Later; logo patch  $5.00


Close Encounters of the Third Kind; Mayflower patch  $7.00


Day Watch; logo patch  $5.00


Demolition Man; San Angeles police patch  $7.00


Event Horizon; Lewis & Clark patch  $7.00


Fantastic Voyage CMDF patch  $7.00


Fantastic Voyage US1035 Proteus  patch  $7.00


Galaxy Quest; logo patch  $7.00


Forbidden Planet; logo patch  $6.00


Frankenstein; logo patch  $7.00


Howard Duck Logo patch  $6.00


Hunt for Red October USS Dallas  patch  $6.00


Red October Logo patch  $6.00


Independence Day US Marine Corps patch  $7.00


Indiana Jones 'Temple of Doom' Logo patch  $7.00


Indiana Jones 'Last Crusade' Logo patch  $7.00


Indiana Jones  'Kingdom of Crystal Skull' Logo patch  $7.00


Indiana Jones  'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Logo patch  $7.00


Indiana Jones brown Hieroglyphics embossed look patch (2 3/4" dia)  $7.00


Indiana Jones beige Hieroglyphics embossed look patch (2 3/4" dia)  $7.00


Indiana Jones  Retro patch (3 x 3 3/4")  $8.00



James Bond; Drax Enterprise Corp patch  $8.00


Jaws Police patch (yellow)  $7.00


Jaws Police patch (red)  $7.00


Last Starfighter  Logo patch  (3.5"dia) $7.00


The Lost Boys  Logo patch  7.00


Nightwatch Logo patch  $5.00


Nightmare on Elm Street Logo patch  (4.5x1 3/4") $7.00


Outland Con-am 27  patch  $7.00


Outland Federal Security Agency  patch  $8.00

Outland Crossed Keys  patch  $8.00


Outland Medical patch  $8.00


Outland League of Industrial Nations  patch  $8.00


Pacific Rim Cherno Alpha logo  patch  $7.00


Pacific Rim Crimson Typhoon logo  patch  $7.00


Percy Jackson & Lightning Thief Camp Half-blood  patch  (3.5 x 3") $7.00


Punisher   patch  (3.5 x 2.5") $8.00


Revenge of the Nerds Tri Lambda  patch  $7.00


Robocop Detroit Police patch  $7.00


Roswell Groom Lake Test Facility  patch  $6.00


Roswell UFO Recovery Team  patch  $6.00


Salvage 1; logo patch (3 1/2" dia)  $7.00


Starship Troopers set of 3 patches $10.00


Terminator; Cyberdyne systems patch $7.00


Terminator; Cyberdyne systems patch $6.00


Timecop Time Enforcement commission patch  $7.00


Total Recall Federal Colonies logo patch  $6.00


TRON Encom logo patch  $7.00


True Lies Omega Sector logo patch  $7.00


Watchmen smiley face logo patch  $7.00